Welcome to the Underground!

Here you need to fight for your freedom, if you wanna see outside you gotta need to defeat all your enemies!


Left & Right Arrows: Move

Space: attack

Up: Jump

*DEV NOTE: This game was really rushed at the end, you can see how the game de-volves every time you make progress,*

Published 16 days ago
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, My First Game Jam


Yala Combat Underground V1.1 Download.zip 4 MB
Yala Combat Underground V1.0 Download 4 MB


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This is really impressive! The art and music are super clean. The only thing I'd mention is consider making the punch hitbox a bit bigger. It's pretty hard to avoid taking damage at the moment.


I really liked it. The only thing that I think would make this game better would be a sound effect for when you get hit. Other then that, its a really fun experience!

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Nice music as always, keep up the good work! The only thing I dislike in this game is the camera. It's a bit weird and motion sickness inducing.


Fun time! It felt good to hit the enemies, and there was a good amount of challenge to fighting them. The basic upgrades are a nice touch, would have loved to see more abilities.

My biggest feedback for the game would be the camera. Everytime you move and stop or change directions, the camera moves way too much and it can be incredibly jarring. It made me kinda dizzy at some points. I realize not everyone will have a problem with this issue. Personally, if the camera was at a fixed angle where you could see the entire arena, it would eliminate that problem completely. (Though I understand that off-screen enemies can keep the game challenging.)

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for taking the time to make this video :)